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Tips & links

Below are some general suggestions which could be useful when preparing a project proposal. Additional support and information can be found from the links provided in the paragraph below.

How to make a good proposal:

•  Start with a really good idea or objective liable to have EU impact

•  Find two or three reliable partners: management, technical, content-related, organisational

•  Write a short abstract clearly describing the nature of the work and the key results

•  Expand the partnership in order to provide for EU impact as well as to carry out the work effectively

•  Carefully consider evaluation criteria: innovation, impact, state of the art, quality, social aspects, dissemination, mobilisation of resouces

•  Ensure the proposal meets the requirements of the instrument you are using

and improve your proposal for submission

•  Avoid duplication with other projects or proposals

•  Choose an effective acronym which the evaluators will remember

•  Be open about your intentions and approach

•  Discuss preliminary drafts with knowledgeable experts

•  Develop clearly described work packages with reasonable resourcing (both human and financial)

•  Ensure the Commission is aware of your intention to submit (use electronic submission system)

•  Do not leave everything until the last minute: your final submission should arrive well before the deadline

Useful links:

• FP6 Step by Step

• FP6 Work programme

• Guidelines on Proposal Evaluation and Selection Procedures

• Proposal submission

• Rules for participation


• General introduction

•  In response to the first evaluation of the effectiveness of the New Instruments introduced in FP6, a synoptic table and a explanatory annex with more detailed information have been produced setting out the classification of the type of projects according to their objectives and specific characteristics.



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