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Last update: 25 May, 2006

Below are some samples of IST projects funded under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6), within the Learning and Culture sectors.

NOTE: the full lists of projects funded within FP6 in the Cultural and Learning sectors are available from the links below.

BRICKS - Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services

Funded within the European Sixth Framework Programme, BRICKS aims at integrating existing digital resources into a common and shared Digital Library, including as well materials from digital museums, archives and other similar cultural institutions.

CALIMERA - Cultural Applications: Local Institutions Mediating Electronic Resource Access

Funded under IST FP6, the project, now completed, built upon the achievements of the Pulman Network of Excellence which set the scene for promoting best practice among local institutions (libraries, archives, museums) throughout Europe. CALIMERA has mobilised local cultural institutions for a new role as key players in transforming innovative technologies into helpful services for ordinary citizens - putting European cultural heritage at the service of the citizen. Over its 18 month duration, it has also helped local public libraries, museums and archives to benefit from and contribute to the goals of the Programme 2002-2006, in enabling anywhere, anytime, natural access to IST services for all. Click here to read the results of the project.

DELOS - A Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries

The DELOS network intends to conduct a joint program of activities aimed at integrating and coordinating the ongoing research activities of the major European teams working in Digital Library - related areas with the goal of developing the next generation Digital Library technologies

MICHAELMultilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe

MICHAEL is a spin-off project from the activities carried out by MINERVA and it aims to provide simple and quick access to the digital collections of museums, libraries and archives from different European countries. The project will establish an international online service to allow its users to search across multiple national cultural portals from a single point of access. The material which will be made accessible via the project portal will include learning resources, catalogue information and description of physical collections, as well as images, 3D models and meta-data descriptions of archaeological sites, buildings, paintings, sculpture etc. 

MINERVA & MINERVA PLUS - Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in Digitisation PLUS

MINERVA is a network of Member States' ministries, aimed at harmonisong activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content and coordinating national programmes. Under FP6, the MINERVA network was extended to 'MINERVA Plus' including now also the new EU Member States, Russia and Israel.

CONNECT - Designing the classroom of Tomorrow by using advanced technologies to connect formal and informal environments

The project aims to create a network of museums, science centres and schools across Europe, to develop, apply and evaluate a new learning environment by exploiting the potential of wireless communications, virtual and augmented reality.

iCLASS - Intelligent Distributed Cognitive-based Open Learning Systems for Schools

The project aims to develop an intelligent cognitive-based open learning system and environment, adapted to individual learners' needs and ensuring their take-up in the education sector at a European level.

Projects encouraging participation of New Member States and Candidate Countries in the IST Programme


The project aims to stimulate the participation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Research and Technological Development (RTD) activities, in particular within the FP6. DETECT-it involves 42 partners from 16 countries and over 1000 SMEs from across Europe. A particularly innovative element of the project is the participation and support of corporate leaders from the private sector.


This project aims at establishing a network of research communities interested in FP and a sustainable database of partner profiles for FP6 and FP7. The project focuses on most of Central and Eastern European Countries (namely Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey) but the membership is open to any EU or Associated country. A number of services (assistance to participation in IST and horizontal activities calls, brokerage, mapping of competencies, targeted notifications on partner search / new projects / project results, dissemination of materials, etc.) are offered to the members of the network.


The aim of EUROPEAN IST is to enhance the participation of Research Organisation from New Member States & Associated Countries ( Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus and Poland ) in the IST FP6.


IST Mentor+ and its sister-project IST Mentor aim to enable a wider participation in the IST Programme of Candidate Countries and New Member States by developing a networked group of proficient IST multipliers, whose task is to enhance building awareness of the IST Programme and to assist potential proposers in submitting high quality proposals.

A comprehensive list of projects supporting and encouraging participation from the New Member States and Candidate Countries in the IST programme is provided by IDEAL-IST at:

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