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4-8 December
EVA 2006 Moscow
Moscow, Russia

The 9 th Annual International Conference EVA 2006 Moscow will be held n the M.I. Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature in Moscow. The conference is supported by the European Commission and will discuss among other topics the issues of digital preservation, multingual access to information and international co-operation initiatives.

On-line registration was opened in May 2006 and will close on 15 November 2006.


22-24 November
IST Conference 2006
Helsinki, Finland

The IST conference is the main networking event and showcase covering research and development in information society technologies (IST). In 2006, it will be organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Finnish Presidency of the European Union.

More information at


30 October – 4 November
The e-volution of Information Technology in Cultural Heritage: Where Hi-Tech Touches the Past: Risks and Challenges for the 21st Century
Nicosia, Cyprus

A joint event for the exchange and sharing of know-how in the areas of Cultural Heritage (CH) and Information Technology (IT) focusing on e-documentation and 3D Computer Graphics and aimed at building regional capacity in Cultural Heritage.


28-29 September
SCOPE II: Exploring the Future Potential of Cultural Heritage
Vienna, Austria

This conference organised in the National Library of Austria brings together experts from all over the world and from different disciplines in order to find strategies and scenarios by interactive discourse with interested attendees and to open new possibilities for sciences, policy and economy.

17-22 September
Towards the European Digital Library
Alicante, Spain

10 th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries will take place in Spain. The special topic of this year's conference is Towards the European Digital Library, with the aim of emphasizing the contribution of the European Digital Library research community (and its liaisons with the international research community in general) to the current efforts of the European Commission in this direction. Papers focusing on this topic are particularly welcome and should be submitted by 3 March 2006.


29-30 June
Baltic ICT Community on the Way to FP7
Laagri, Estonia

A workshop organised in the framework of the IST4Balt project in the conference centre of the “Peoleo” hotel. The event will focus on discussion of new opportunities for international co-operation, research and development within the framework of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and its Information Society Technologies (IST) Priority.

Mrs. Janne Andresoo from the National Library of Estonia will present TEL-ME-MOR and The European Library at the workshop.

21-22 June
An Expedition to European Digital Cultural Heritage: Collecting, Connecting – and Conserving?
Salzburg, Austria

International conference on the digitisation of cultural heritage organised in the framework of the Austrian Presidency of the European Union. The conference starts from the practical challenges at collecting, connecting and digitally conserving cultural treasures and scientific information, and invites for an expedition to the vision of a common European digital cultural heritage space. On-line registration is open!

19-23 June
Euro-South East Asia 2006

The conference is designed to enhance European and South East Asian cooperation. It is supported by the DG INFSO of the European Commission. The conference will provide: an international technology community; a platform for bringing together Europeans and South East Asians at a global ICT event; learning, networking and interacting opportunities at a high level conference and exhibition.

Registration for speakers, exhibitors and delegates is now open.

14-16 June
ELPUB 2006: Digital Spectrum: Integrating Technology and Culture
Bansko, Bulgaria

10th international conference on electronic publishing, organised by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The goal of the conference is to bring together researchers, lecturers, librarians, developers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, users and all those interested on issues regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts.


23-26 May
Archiving 2006
Ottawa, Canada

International conference focusing on issues of digital and electronic archiving, storage technologies and electronic access. Participants from Europe are welcome. Deadline for presentation abstracts: 11 November, 2005.

22-23 May 2006
Seminar of The European Library Editorial Working Group
Zagreb, Croatia

This seminar meeting of the Editorial Working Group is organised by The European Library Office and the National and University Library of Croatia. It has four aims: (1) update participants on the development of The European Library and introduce plans for the future, (2) inventorise local branding & promotion opportunities for the European Library, (3) brainstorm on content development & presentation for The European Library, and (4) reinforce international co-operation within The European Library scope.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.

18 May
PrestoSpace Preservation Factory Workshop
Vienna, Austria

This workshop tries to answer questions what is actually a preservation factory, how to deal with archives and what archives want. Information on business models for a preservation factory will be also provided. The deadline to register is 28 April 2006.

16 May
Seminar on European ICT projects
Brussels, Belgium

This seminar is organised by InterRecherche and focuses on how to prepare, submit and evaluate good proposals and tender applications within FP7 highlighted by concrete examples provided by EC experts and companies who succeeded in their applications.

Working language of the event is English. Deadline for registration is 5 May 2006.

10 May
BRICKS: The European solution for Digital Libraries Services
Lisbon, Portugal

Kick-off event of the BRICKS Community, organised in co-operation with the European Museum Forum and Museu da Farmacia . The purpose of this event is to present to the wider public the BRICKS Project opportunities and its first achievements. For more information take a look at the preliminary programme.



15 February
Ernst & Young Conference on FP6 and FP7
Vilnius, Lithuania

The conference provides answers to the question how to obtain grants under the European Commission's 6 th and 7 th Framework Programme for the development of the Information Society. Participation is free of charge, but has to be confirmed by 7 February 2006.

National Library of Lithuania will represent the TEL-ME-MOR project at the event.


30-31 January
OECD Conference on the Future Digital Economy
Rome, Italy

The conference will focus on: improving understanding of the implications of development of digital content; reviewing impacts of digital content on value chains; providing insights into development of new business models; and identifying business, technological and policy approaches that contribute to a supportive environment for broadband content and the Internet.

More information at

27 January
Seminar on FP6 and FP7
Tartu, Estonia

This seminar was organised by the Archimedes Foundation, Estonian IST NCP. The event provided an overview on Estonian participation in the FP6 and introduced the structure, instruments, funding schemes and topics of the FP7.

National Library of Estonia as a partner in TEL-ME-MOR was present at this event

25 January
National Information Day on Call 6
Tallinn, Estonia

This information day was organised in co-operation of the Archimedes Foundation, Estonian IST NCP, and IST-Bonus project. The event focused on the priorities of IST Call 6. One of the key speakers was Mr. Maurice Mulvanna from the University of Ulster.




8-9 December
Paris, France

European Schoolnet's annual conference, hosted this year by the French Ministry of Education at the Concorde-Lafayette Hotel in Paris. The conference focuses on ensuring that schools exploit the opportunities offered by new technologies and brings together leading experts nominated by Ministries of Education and other organisations, giving them the opportunity to discuss and share leading edge developments and issues related to this year's theme.

More information from Paul Gerhard or Clara Navas at the European Schoolnet Office.


14 - 15 November
Communicating European Research Conference
Brussels, Belgium

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research organises the second "Communicating European Research" conference. The conference, which will focus on science communication, aims to provide a forum for discussion for scientists, communication professionals and journalists. The conference will also take stock of the way towards the Seventh Framework Programme.

14-15 November
Towards a Knowledge Society – the Nordic Experience
Gothenburg, Sweden

Ministerial conference organised by the European Commission and the Swedish Government, focusing on implementation of the goals of the Lisbon Agenda and making use of Nordic experience. The conference featured also Analysis of Knowledge Society Performance in New Member States.

15 November
MICHAEL 2005: towards a catalogue for the European digital library
Bristol, the United Kingdom

The MICHAEL project (Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe) is a partnership between France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The project is supported by the European Commission through its eTen programme, which is dedicated to the deployment of new technologies in Europe. Attendance at this conference is by invitation only.

Mr. David Fuegi from Eremo srl made a presentation on TEL-ME-MOR

24 November
National Information Day
Riga, Latvia

Information day on the 6 th and 7 th Framework Programme, organised by IST-Mentor+ and IST4-Balt projects and IST National Contact Point.

Mr. Andris Vilks from the National Library of Latvia introduced TEL-ME-MOR project

24-25 November
Digital Memory: International Seminar
Tallinn, Estonia

The first event in series of seminars launched by the National Library of Estonia, a partner in TEL-ME-MOR project. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the issues raised by the implementation of the legal deposit system in the context of digital information environment.

28 November – 2 December
ECHOLOT 2005: Audiovisual Heritage: Culturology, Archiving, New Technologies
Moscow, Russia

The 5th annual international conference supported by the Russian Committee of the „Information for All“ UNESCO Programme. The conference will focus on problems and perspectives of audiovisual culture and collections as well as on links between audiovisual heritage and IST.

Participation is free of charge.

28 November – 2 December
EVA 2005: Information for All: Culture and Information Society Technologies
Moscow, Russia

The 8 th annual international conference for discussion of following issues: Russian and international programmes and projects, international co-operation; presentation of FP6 projects; information society technologies in museums, galleries, libraries, archives, contemporary art; digitisation of and access to cultural and scientific heritage; multilingual access to information; legal issues; technologies, standards and metadata; digital heritage preservation and long-term access; new services for citizens; culture and business.

29-30 November
EVA MINERVA 2005: The 2 nd Jerusalem conference on the digitisation of cultural heritage
Jerusalem, Israel

EVA and  the MINERVA Network in Israel are organising the second conference on the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage supported by Ministry of Science and Technology and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

The goal of the conference is to advance the establishment of an agenda for the digitisation of cultural heritage and science in Israel. It will seek to map the activities taking place in Israel and to identify emerging issues and opportunities. It will create an opportunity to meet and integrate with the leading programs of the European Commission and other international frameworks.

30 November
Archives, Libraries and Museums in the Digital Age
Prague, the Czech Republic

National conference on digitisation and preservation with presentations on digitisation projects and initiatives on all levels.

Dr. Eva Marvanova from the National Library of the Czech Republic introduced TEL-ME-MOR project and The European Library.


4 October
eContentplus Information Day
Tallinn, Estonia

The information day covered Estonian participation in the closed eContent programme as well as objectives and financial activities of the eContentplus programme. It was organised in cooperation of the Archimedes Foundation and the Ministry of Economy and Communications. Key speaker was Ms. Christine Kormann from the European Commission.

National Library of Estonia as a partner in TEL-ME-MOR was present at this event.

7 - 10 October
Conservare 2005: The European Heritage Forum
Kortrijk, Belgium

The first European heritage forum focused on preservation, protection, restoration and presentation of cultural heritage.

Contact: fax: (32) 56 25 51 73, e-mail:


18 - 23 September
ECDL on Digital Libraries
9 th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
Vienna, Austria

ECDL 2005 is the 9th conference in the series of European Digital Library conferences. ECDL has become the major European conference on digital libraries, and associated technical, practical, and social issues, bringing together researchers, developers, content providers and users in the field.

20 - 23 September
Making Library Collections Accessible Locally and Worldwide
Tallinn, Estonia

This was the 9th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply International Conference, held this year at the Conference Centre of the National Library of Estonia.

National Library of Estonia as a partner in TEL-ME-MOR introduced the project at the exhibition area of the conference.

26 - 30 September
Digital Futures 2005: From Digitisation to Delivery
London, United Kingdom

Five day training course organised by King's Digital Consultancy Services and OCLC-PICA . . Led by experts of international renown, Digital Futures focused on the creation, delivery and preservation of digital resources from cultural and memory institutions. The course was aimed at managers and other practitioners from the library, museum, heritage and cultural sectors looking to understand the strategic and management issues of developing digital resources from digitisation to delivery.


14 - 18 August
71st IFLA General Conference and Council
Oslo, Norway

The annual General Conference of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is one of the world key events in the library community and is traditionally held in varying parts of the globe. This year the IFLA conference will be held in Oslo, Norway under the title ‘Libraries - A voyage of discovery'.

Eremo srl. as a partner in TEL-ME-MOR delivered a presentation and held a poster session on 16 and 17 August.


3 - 5 June
European Research and Innovation Exhibition
Paris, France

The European Research & Innovation Exhibition will take place at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre in Paris, under the patronage of French president, Jacques Chirac. This international exhibition addresses the general public and is broken down into four main areas: Europe; Regional Development, Innovation & Research Applications; Research & Education; Research & Enterprise. It offers exceptional opportunities for spotlighting your achievements and ambitions in research and innovation

6 - 7 June
MINERVA Conference
Krakow, Poland

MINERVA is a network of Member States' Ministries set up by the European Commission to harmonise digitisation activities in Europe. Information on the event will be accessible from the events page of the MINERVA web site.

5 - 11 June
DELOS Summer School
Sophia Antipolis, France

The DELOS Network of Excellence is a four-year project funded by the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme to synergize and foster technology for the next-generation of Digital Libraries. It builds on the work of an earlier project under the Fifth Framework Programme, which ran from 2000-2003. DELOS regularly organises workshops, seminars and summer schools related to Digital Libraries. This year, the DELOS summer school on 'Digital Preservation in Digital Libraries' will be held in France. The event will assist the participants in understanding how to address digital preservation challenges in the context of the digital library as well as to provide a networking opportunity for researchers, international experts and practitioners across disciplinary and national boundaries. Details on the event.

15 June
eContentplus Information Day

The Information Day was hosted by the European Commission and was dedicated to a detailed presentation of the programme and the call for proposals. Subject to the completion of all the necessary procedures, the European Commission intends to launch a call for proposals in August 2005.

15 June
Managing Digital Projects for Culture and Heritage
London, United Kingdom

One day training course organised by King's Digital Consultancy Services and focused upon delivering digital resources and digitisation (the conversion to digital formats). Starting with effective project management through fundraising and budgeting/costing issues the course offered real life examples and tools to enable effective management. The afternoon focused upon writing requirement specifications, tendering and selecting service providers. The course was lead by Simon Tanner, KDCS Director.

15 - 16 June
IST Call 5 - Information Day and Project Preparation Workshop
Budapest, Hungary

Organised by the PRO NMS project. Information Day focused on micro/nano based subsystems, embedded systems, software and services, ICT for networked businesses, but also cultural heritage was add ressed.

National Library of Hungary as a partner in TEL-ME-MOR delivered a presentation on the project and Strategic Objective 2.5.10.

16 June
Call 5 Information Day

In connection with Call 5 , published on 18 May 2005, the European Commission, unit 'Learning and Cultural Heritage' organised an Information Day aimed at streamlining project proposals addressing the strategic objective 'Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources' in the IST Work Programme 2005-2006. The event helped to build consensus on trends and challenges in future research, to better understand the FP6 instruments, to facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences, and to find partners for project consortia.

Eremo srl. as a partner in TEL-ME-MOR made a pre sentation on the project.

16 - 17 June
Simplifying Participation in EU Research – Opening Up Accessibility for All

2-day workshop reviewed a series of proposed new measures which look to simplify access to the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research 2007-2013. The following issues were addressed during the workshop: legal and financial rules, Community funding schemes, intellectual property rights, and evaluation and selection processes.

The workshop was jointly organised by the European Commission and the Luxembourg Presidency and hosted by the European Court of Auditors. Presentation made by Mr. Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for Science and Research, is available here .

20 - 21 June
7th NRG meeting and MINERVA conference

The meetings of the National Representatives Group (NRG) on Digitisation Policies in the EU Member States take place every six month in the framework of the EU presidency. They provide a forum for consensus building, promoting good practice and encouraging initiatives to support the visibility of quality cultural sites.

23 June
Sustaining Digital Projects: Funding the Future
London, United Kingdom

One day training course organised by King's Digital Consultancy Services and focused upon the long-term sustainability of digital resources. The course identified the key issues in developing a sustainability plan including what to sustain (resource, people and/or activity), various revenue models and finding your market niche for future funding.

28 June
National Information Day on Priorities 1 and 5
Warsaw, Poland

Information Day organised by Polish National Contact Point and focusing on strategic priorities 1 and 5. Overview of opportunities provided under Call 5 and practical tips for writing successful proposals.

28 June
IST Call 5 – National Information Day
Vilnius, Lithuania

Information Day organised by Lithuanian National Contact Point and focusing on all Strategic Objectives of Call 5, including SO 2.5.10 - Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources.

Ms. Sandra Šešeikaite from the National Library of Lithuania introduced the activities and goals of TEL-ME-MOR project.

29 June
European Opportunities for Funding Research and Development in Cultural Sector
Tallinn, Estonia

Information Day focusing on FP6 Call 5 (especially Strategic Objective 2.5.10 - Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources), eContentplus and Culture2000 programmes. Key speaker was Mr. Ian Pigott from the European Commission's Directorate Content.

The Information Day was organised by the National Library of Estonia in the framework of TEL-ME-MOR project.


2 - 3 May
IV Nordic-Baltic Library Meeting
Liepaja, Latvia

The Library Association of Latvia, the National Library of Latvia and the Liepaja Central Library, in cooperation with librarians' associations of Nordic and Baltic countries, organise the fourth international meeting of Nordic and Baltic librarians “Research and Innovation: Nordic–Baltic Strategies for Library Development”.

5 - 6 May
Managing Heritage Collections II: Continuity and Change
Tallinn, Estonia

This event is organised within the framework of MINERVA Plus, which extends the activities of the MINERVA Network to the New Member States, Russia and Israel.

11 - 13 May
9th DELOS Network of Excellence thematic workshop on: Digital Repositories: Interoperability and Common Services
Crete, Greece

Focus of the workshop: the role of repositories as 'managed collections of digital objects' within e-learning and e-research and related digital library services, considering such repositories as providers of both preservation and access services. Topics: inter-working between repositories, the role of repositories in enabling a workflow to support the digital object life-cycle, the potential for common services and interoperability amongst various types of repositories, mapping the repository landscape, and developing a distributed repository architecture.

11–13 May 2006
First colloquium of library information employees
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

The colloquium of library information employees is a project which was approved by the ministers of culture of the V4 countries (the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic) in 2005. The project aims to encourage discussion and coordination at the European level in the fields of library digitalisation and effective using of the EU grants.

17 May
Call 5 Information Day
Tallinn, Estonia

An Information Day on Call 5, to be opened on 18 May, aimed at enhancing participation of Estonian organisations in project proposals under this call. The event is org anised by the European Union Innovation Centre and supported by the Star-NET project. Guest speaker Eurico Neves will speak of Portuguese experience in participating in IST Programme.

17 - 19 May
UNESCO between two Phases of the World Summit of the Information Society
St. Petersburg, Russia

The Conference, which is part of the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS), aims to clarify the next steps and key decisions of UNESCO with regard to the building of the global information society. One of the main objects of the event is to draft recommendations for determining UNESCO`s position on further implementation of provisions of the main documents adopted at the World Summit on the Information Society. MINERVA organises the conference section 'Policies of cultural and scientific heritage digitization and preservation'.

19 - 20 May
Towards an eLearning Society
Brussels, Belgium

Focused on e-Learning in Europe, this conference will bring together a cross section of the various stakeholders involved in eLearning in Europe, providing a forum for sharing experiences, exchanging good practices and taking stock of the added value of using ICT in education and training.

26 May
Call 5 Information Day
Thessaloniki, Greece

An Information Day on Call 5, opened on 18 May, aimed at enhancing participation of Greek organisations in project proposals under this call. The event is organised by the National Documentation Centre for the IST Programme in Greece. Ian Pigott, Project Officer at the European Commission, unit 'Learning and Cultural Heritage' will present the area 'Access to and preservation of cultural and scientific resources'.

30 May – 3 June
LIDA 2005 : Libraries in the digital age
Dubrovnik/Mljet, Croatia


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