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Information Society Technologies & European research

The Information Society Technologies (IST) relate to the application of telecommunication technologies to the growing world of informatics. The development of IST' products and services are ultimately intended for the creation of a user-friendly Information Society for the benefit of all the businesses and individual citizens in the world. 

Information Society Technologies (IST) are today a key priority of the European Commission's research activities. These are organised around consecutive four-year programmes, called Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (RTD), which complement national and regional research programmes and are aimed at increasing European competitiveness and quality of life. The current Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) sets out 7 priorities, called Priority Thematic areas', relevant to the period 2002-2006. The IST Priority is Priority 2.

IST: the largest priority in the EU's current research programmes

In the FP6, 3600 million euro of funding has been prioritised for IST research, making it the main source of European Union (EU) funding for IST research projects. The IST Priority aims to:

•  increase innovation and competitiveness in European businesses and industry, contributing to greater benefits for all European citizens;   

•  stimulate the integration and structuring of European research, ensuring the incremental build up of European-wide approaches for research in key IST fields and helping to create a common European Research Area in IST

•  ensure European leadership in the generic and applied technologies at the heart of the knowledge economy.

IST Work Programme 2005-2006

The IST Work Programme for the period 2005-2006 (WP 2005-06) defines in detail the objectives and priorities of the IST priority thematic area. The document also sets out the objectives and technical content of calls for proposals, the implementation plan and the criteria that will be used for evaluating proposals responding to these calls.

The programme can be dowloaded here.


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