The Digital Future of Cultural and Scientific Heritage
Tallinn, Estonia, 19-20 October 2006

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Conference Venue

National Library of Estonia

The TEL-ME-MOR Policy Conference will take place in the National Library of Estonia at the following address: Tõnismägi 2, Tallinn.

The National Library of Estonia was opened to the public in 1993. The building, designed by the architect Raine Karp, is one of the most interesting monuments of the late Soviet Estonian architecture, resembling an ancient temple rather than a library. Today it is home to more than 3 million documents with special emphasis on the Estonian legal deposit collection, social sciences and humanities.

Conference Centre

Besides its main function as a library, the National Library of Estonia also serves as a well-known conference centre and a hub of cultural activities.

The conference centre has been functioning since the opening of the building in 1993. Nearly 500 events are held yearly, among them training seminars and major international conferences. The 9th Interlending and Document Supply Conference was held here in September 2005 and in January 2006 it hosted more than 300 students and professors of information sciences during the annual BOBCATSSS event.

• Catering for the participants of the conference is provided in the cafeteria and dining hall of the National Library by Veskaru Ltd.
• The conference centre will undergo additional renovation in the summer of 2006.

Getting there

Tallinn Airport is modern and small and therefore easily manageable by a foreign visitor. Two currency exchange offices (Monex and Eesti Krediidipank) as well as two ATMs (Hansapank and SEB Eesti Ühispank) are at your disposal in the arrivals hall. The local currency is kroon and is tied to the euro by the official exchange rate 15.65 kroons (EEK) to 1 euro (EUR). The commercial exchange rate may be as low as 14.5 kroons to 1 euro at the airport and even lower in hotels.

The airport is connected to the city centre by taxis and public buses. Due to the complex route to the venue by public transportation you are advised to use a taxi.

A taxi from the airport should cost roughly 70-90 EEK. You are advised to use only licensed taxis with logos and price lists clearly visible on the taxi. The safest choices are white cars operated by Tulika Takso and bright or dark cars operated by Linnatakso. Both companies allow you to pay by credit card, however, you should inform the driver in advance of your preferred method of payment.

Public bus N°2 leaves every 20-30 minutes (see timetable) from in front of the arrivals hall to the city centre. You are advised to depart at the A. Laikmaa stop next to the Viru hotel/shopping centre. A ticket from the driver costs 15 EEK and the ride takes 9 minutes. From there you should walk to Hobujaama stop and take a tram N°3 (see timetable) or N°4 (see timetable) in direction of Tondi . The trams usually leave every 5-8 minutes. In about 7 minutes you should depart at the Kosmos stop and walk for another 5 minutes uphill along the Tõnismägi Street where you will find the main entrance of the National Library.

For this and alternative routes consult the interactive map of Tallinn by entering the address of the airport – Lennujaama 2 – as your starting point and the address of the National Library – Tõnismägi 2 – as your destination.

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